The What A Ride Podcast

Summer is On

Episode Summary

Summer is on! We talk with fellow riders about getting started motorcycling, what to ride and where to ride. Specifically, a legendary biker hang-out on Lake Nipissing and heading north to take on the epic Ride Lake Superior routes.

Episode Notes

Summer is on. Time to get out of town. Unfortunately, we're hearing that everywhere you look, accommodations are full through to September. But do not despair. For those of you willing to expand your horizons and maybe go a little further than you've been before, to where the air is clear, and the roads are wide,  there are still beds available in Northern Ontario.

This week we talk with life-long moto enthusiast and motorcycle instructor at Georgian College, Jenn Martin, on how to get riding. If you're just starting out, you're going to want to hear this.

Next, we dive deep into the world with cheese with Guy of the legendary Lavigne Tavern. Why do riders love this place so much?

We hear from Stephanie Reid who's an expert on the City of Thunder Bay and what to look for and what to expect for anyone doing the North Shore of Lake Superior ride. Check out her fun new Youtube channel, Travellin' & Eatin' with Steph & Jamie.

And last but not least, we catch up with Jess Kline, an Ontario rider of all things. She's been living in the desert in the Southern U.S. for the last two years and what she's looking forward to this summer and what she's missing about Ontario.