The What A Ride Podcast

Christmas 2020 - Snowmobiling

Episode Summary

Our triumphant return to the world of podcasting - we catch up with snowmobilers from all over Ontario. Guests include Lisa Stackhouse, "Random" Ryan Tarrant, Jeff McGirr and Sharon Muhassier.

Episode Notes

Aaaaand we're back! Thanks to everyone who's been asking about the What A Ride podcast. The last episode we did was in 2016. While a lot has changed since then, this is still the best place to talk motorsports of all kinds here in Ontario.

This month, we talk with Lisa Stackhouse, Manager of Marketing and Communications for the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, about the 2020-21 snowmobile season and what effect COVID will have on new and seasoned riders.

Then life-long sledder, Ryan Tarrant, tells us about some of the massive differences between snowmobile technologies of the '90s vs what's being released today. Sledders who are coming back to the sport this year should pay attention because a lot has changed!

Jeff McGirr tells us about his COVID summer, riding VMUTS and what his Magic 8 Ball is predicting for the 2020/21 snowmobile season.

Lastly, we hear from Sharon Mahussier, owner of the incredibly beautiful and motorsports-friendly Spectacle Lake Lodge in Madawaska, and one of the people responsible for the creation of the Round Algonquin Park tour, to hear what she's been experiencing during the pandemic.

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